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General Rules:
1.1- An admin's decision is absolutely final, that's that.
1.2- No homophobic, racist, sexist or generally offensive language.
1.3- No metagame (Talking Out of Character while you're in character.)
1.4- RDM will NOT be tolerated and results in heavy punishment.
1.5- Never randomly shoot your weapon, there needs to be a reason for doing so.
1.6- Advertising is unacceptable, it won't be tolerated in any way/shape/form.
1.7- When asking for an admin with the @ command, provide sufficient information.
1.8- No disrespect within OOC.
1.9- Hacks/Cheats/Glitches/Exploits are not allowed, they will result in a permanent ban, no warnings.
1.10- FailRP is not tolerated, especially situations such as disconnecting, changing job, killing yourself while within RP situations.
1.11- Minging and / or trolling is a week to a permanent ban, no discussion. (Depending on severity)
1.12- To be officially promoted in a regiment to the next rank, you MUST verify it with your CO.

Roleplaying Rules:
    2.2- You must listen to your commander at all times.
    2.3- Do not abuse /advert, e.g don't overuse it, nor pointlessly advert OOC things.
    2.4- If ordered by a higher ranking person, you may not disobey the orders given.
    2.5- For actions used in RP, use /me (e.g /me bows in honor.)
    2.6- Do not go AFK for longer than 5 minutes during RP.
    2.7- During a mission ordered by your commander, don't go off-task and focus on his orders, similar to rule 2.2.
    2.8- Jet Boots are not allowed in space.
    2.9- You cannot just go rogue for the hell of it, nor rebel or anything that creates the excuse to RDM.
    3.0- If a Jedi General is fighting a Sith/Event enemy, DO NOT SHOOT into them.
    3.1- Medics cannot abuse the healing system. They must heal troopers to their original 'HPs'. If they do not the Medic and the trooper will get a warning.

Regiment Rules:
3.2- You may not hop regiments, if you join one regiment, you stay within that regiment for at LEAST 3 days before changing to avoid serious confusion.
3.3- When you join a regiment, you agree to take orders that you will ALWAYS follow by the higher rankings within the regiment.
3.4- A regiment may only host a tryout once every 3 hours.
3.5- If your regiment has access to rocket boots, you are ONLY to be using them within teaching how to use them in tryouts, battles/fights and events.
3.6- When you have joined a regiment you may not be promoted for 24 hours.

Forum Rules:
3.6- No NSFW Content within shoutbox unless in a spoiler with an NSFW warning.
3.7- No NSFW posts full stop.
3.8- No disrespect to others, a friendly community is to be expected.
3.8.1- This applies to continuous offenses.
3.9- No forum spam, Otherwise, you will be permanently banned.
4.0- No forum advertising. Otherwise, you will be permanently banned.

Event Rules:
4.1- Follow orders of admins to the dot.
4.2- No running around freely.
4.3- Listen to the event specific briefing before the event starts.
4.4- Listen to the orders of your regiment commanders.
4.5- Failing to follow these rules will result in being removed from the event
4.6- All Planetary Events have to be run through The Event Manager(s) or the Owners. Failure to do so will result in the event being immediately cancelled and being banned from planning them in the future. If Staff (excluding those mentioned) do this, they may receive punishment.
4.7 If you are banned from creating Mini-Events during 'Prime Time', you must follow it. Continued events while banned from Mini-Events will result in instant demotion.

Lightsaber/Force Rules:
4.6- Lightsaber length -42 and thickness is 2 (Jedis Pad-Master only).
4.7- Lightsaber length 45 and thickness 3 (Generals only).
4.8- Padawans may only use a yellow crystal(Colour/Color)- Additional colours as a reward.
4.9- Knights may only use Blue/green crystals(Colour/Color)- Additional colours as a reward.
5.0- master may only use Blue/Green crystals(Colour/color)- Additional colours as a reward.
5.1- You may not use the dark inner blade.
5.2- Only use default hilts as other hilts are given as rewards.
5.3- You may not use combustion and lightning force powers.
5.4- You can only use a single blade saber as the staff is a RARE reward given by generals.

Lightsaber Duelling and Combat Rules:
5.5- You should always bow before starting a dual.
5.6- Only ignite your saber if you are intermediate danger.
5.7- When dueling, you are forbidden to fight to the death. Once either you or your opponent's health is low and close to death, they should stop and say "Solah".
5.8- When dueling, if someone begins to type (the speech mark icon appears above their head), the other person should stop attacking and back off.

In-game additional:
5.9- NEVER proceed to click and suspicious/shady/untrusted links posted by players, EVER, there are multiple exploits in source games such as a URL that will ban you via abusing RCON, it's pointless somebody sending it to you as you're unbanned on a server restart, but this is also not the only URL that can harm you of course.
5.10- This rule applies to any high ranks such as Jedi and Fleet. You are NOT 'better' than anyone else, regardless of your rank or role. Acting as such will result in the removal of your rank and banned from the group permanently.

5.11- Donors are treated as normal players regardless of how much they have donated, similar to rule 5.10, they are NOT ‘better’ than anyone else, regardless of how much they have donated.

Staff Rules:
6.0- All staff are treated like players, so if you break a rule you get a staff warning.
6.1- Before teleporting make sure you either cloak yourself, or make sure that the player is not in RP by spectating them.
6.2- Holster your Physgun or do /cloak while being cloaked. This is to prevent your physgun orb from showing.
6.3- Events will only be done/planned by Admins+, however if there is an event manager assigned- then the rest of the staff can only do minor events(NO! planetaries)
6.4- Be respectful and friendly, we treat our players like they are our guests. Not trash. This also counts for fellow staff members.
6.5- Make sure every trainee gets trained(Pretty self explanatory).
6.6- STAY SERIOUS AT ALL TIMES. Its called SeriousRP for a reason- this means no random killing of other staff/players, no spawning random bombs, and no random kicks of staff/players either. (Short version - Behave yourself)
6.7- Staff may NOT use any donation classes if they have not payed for them. This includes all donation classes from Padawan to General, and all VIP classes.
6.8- Do not use the staff on duty job for roleplaying purposes.(It is meant for moderation purposes)
6.9- For every 20 players, there MUST be 2 staff members minimum on duty.
6.9.1- This excludes forcing the same staff member to be on duty for the majority of the time, it needs to be shared out as we understand you may also have an important RP job.
7.0- As Staff on Duty, you must aim to answer any help requests via the @ command.
7.1- Staff need to help in events.
7.1.1- This doesn't mean every single event, this means every now and again as Event Managers cannot manage a mass player event on their own.
7.2- Max of 1 ooc event a day and no ooc planetaries at all, unless it is after hours.
7.3- You MUST put a valid ban/kick reason at all times.
7.4- Do not reload the permaprops unless it is actually needed, it's not something that should be a regular occurrence.


Rules may change at any time, be sure to keep track on them, and check frequently to avoid confusion on breaking a changed rule, you are expected to be aware of all rules, so "I didn't know it changed" isn't an excuse; any questions that are needed to be asked, contact a staff member.

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